Recently Elliott and I made the decision to do the Paleolithic diet. Essentially that means: NO grains, NO starches, NO sugars and NO dairy. At first it really seemed like it left only a handful of items we were allowed to eat but as I immerse myself in the Paleo lifestyle, I am discovering so many ways to enjoy food in healthy ways. The Paleo Food List broadened my horizons–made me aware of my many options and I have discovered many great resources online that have been making the transition easier.

I found this treat on Chocolate Covered Katie‘s recipe blog…mmmmmmm. Using blended cashews and frozen fruit, this dessert follows most of the Paleo guidelines–dairy free, grain free, and starch free.  Paleo-ticians do not include this recipe’s sweeteners (agave/stevia) but may allow for the substitution of a little raw honey.

Even if you are not doing the crazy pale diet, you will enjoy this healthy and ridiculously delicious chocolate truffle pie.

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